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What we Offer

World Class Training

Our former MLB Coaches and top Nike Trainers have built lasting relationships with over 1,500 college coaches. We are the connection you need to get into the college you want.

First Class Education

We believe every great student athlete should be able to play the sport they love at the next level. Athletics + Academics is a winning combination for a successful future.

Personalized Programs

ELEV|8 provides multiple academic options for our students so that they have the opportunity to customize their experience here to meet their individual needs.

College Prep

The ELEV|8 Preparatory College Planning staff works with all full-time students and post-graduates to create an individualized blueprint to reach their goal of studying and playing their sport at the collegiate level.


Why You’ll Love Us

100% Go to College

100% of our graduating students have gone on to college. In our 2012-2013 year 5% of students were drafted to the MLB, and in our 2013-2014 year 12% of students were drafted to the MLB. Over the past two years we have also raised over 1.7 million in college scholarships.

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We Create Human Trophies

We measure our success in human trophies. Our excellent connections with US Coaches, MLB scouts, NBA agents coupled with our proven coaching and a rigorous academic curriculum help us generate over $1.7 million over the last two years in student athlete scholarships.

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Development First

We work to improve each player’s weaknesses, enhance their strengths and prepare them to not only get to the next level but succeed. So when our student athletes step on a college campus or a professional camp they are prepared physically, socially, mentally and academically to excel.

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Work Hard, Play Hard

At ELEV|8 Sports Institute we strive to create an interesting and exciting life for our student athletes. Weekly scheduled activities include going to the movies, the beach, shopping mall, bowling, paintball, go carts and much more.

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ELEV|8 Preparatory Academy believes that all students can learn. It is the school community who must set and maintain high academic standards and expectations for every child. It is the teacher’s role to serve as a facilitator in the classroom and to guide our student athletes to become independent thinkers and learners. This all creates the optimum platform for upper education learning.


Middle School is the perfect opportunity to allow a student to pursue their passion and get them hooked on success for the future. Why do 35% of students drop out of sport programs after the age of 14? The reason is that high schools are limited with funds and the amount of athletic programs they can run. When a child doesn’t make their high school team it doesn’t need to be the end of their dream. Our Middle School program couples a rigorous academic college prep program with training by professional athletes in a sport they love! Students attend ELEVl8 Prep Academy from 9 am until 2 pm Monday through Friday and continue training in their sport from 2 pm to 6 pm each evening.


ELEV|8 Prep Academy High School delivers a personalized education for each our student athletes. The rigorous academic curriculum is instituted with collaboration from ELEV|8 Sports Institute training and game schedules giving each student the flexibility to maximize their time through the day. The curriculum is taught both traditionally and non-traditionally through innovative project based learning using top of the line technology. The academics are adhered to and soaring above National Standards as well as coupled with an exemplary college preparatory program. Through a supportive environment,students excel not only in their academics but it in their passion,as well as become leaders in their community.


Our Post Grad program is the perfect opportunity for the student athlete who has finished high school. Our academic program allows for them to be able to take 1 core High School course to pull up their GPA, and two college classes each semester for a total of 12 credits for the year. In addition,we hold classes for SAT, ACT, and TOEFL preparation to help the student athlete score at the top of their game.


The ELEV|8 Preparatory College Planning staff works with all full-time students and post-graduates to create an individualized blueprint to reach their goal of studying and playing their sport at the collegiate level. We begin this work when a student enters into high school (9th grade). We collaborate as a team and incorporate the student with their families, coaches, admissions counselors, teachers and athletic staff in the process. The team focuses on four key facets of our work: matching students with a college or university, academic preparedness, athletic recruiting, and NCAA eligibility. Recent graduates of ELEV|8 Sports Institute boarding school in Florida are attending schools such as University of Miami, Tulane University, Florida Atlantic University, St. Louis University, Jacksonville University, Alabama State, North Carolina A&T, Southern Mississippi and many more.

In addition, college planning staff work with students on an individual basis to help with the following: College Search
College Tours
College Essays
College Applications
Scholarship Awareness/Applications NCAA Applications

No preparatory school can or should guarantee a college scholarship will be offered to a student. That is determined by a combination of many factors beginning with the work ethic and talent of the student athlete.


Elev|8 Teams up with Lynn University, an independent,co-ed, residential university,with a strong focus on career preparation. They’re located in Boca Raton, Florida and are home to students from 47 states and 77 nations.

Students attending Elev|8 Sports Institute have the opportunity to attend this prestigious University during their Junior and Senior years of High School. Through this unique opportunity, students can earn up to 24 credits for college that are credited on their high school transcripts as dual enrollment courses . These credits are transferable throughout the nation to any college that the student may want to attend.

The benefits of attending Lynn University for Dual Enrollment credit: Dual Enrollment Students will:
Earn up to 24 college credits before graduating high school
Earn College Credit at a fraction of the cost
Experience college life while still close to home
Enjoy the ammenities at Lynn University (library, computer lab, gym, swimming pool, ect.) Take any 100 or 200 course offerings

Students who wish to attend Lynn University for Dual Enrollment must meet the following requirements: GPA 3.0 and above
Teacher Recommendation
Currently a Junior or Senior in High School




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