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What we Offer


We provide for the average to gifted student, a college preparatory program with a major emphasis on developing intellectual skills and mastery of content areas.

Prep School

Our elite training staff have experience working with some of the top athletes in the sport and not only command respect but have honed their teaching skills with NBA Coaches, Scouts and Personnel Directors over 11 years.

Skill & Strength Performance Training

Skill of Strength performance training programs for are designed to help athletes achieve their full potential by getting stronger and faster.

Competition & College Exposure

We have developed a national reputation for hosting some of the best organized events with strong competition, unbeatable training, and excellent college exposure.

Welcome to our academy, it is an honor to provide this type of development to players all over the World. Everything that I have ever done as a coach and trainer has led me to this point. This academy is a true gift from God and we spend every hour of the day making this program the best it can be for players. Without question we provide the best resources to take the players mind, body, and spirit to a place where they have never been before. We are not as concerned with the players winning trophies, but we are more concerned about developing living trophies. We want players to act as winners and leaders everyday for the rest of their lives. We will be very demanding and hold the players accountable for everything, with our goal of moving them onto college and most importantly to prepare them for the game of life. We are Elev/8 basketball!

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Notable College Signings

Travel Trainer Program

We can arrange to have world renowned trainers Ganon Baker or Cody Toppert travel to the location of your choice to assist your players with their training.

Basketball Camps

We offer basketball camps, clinic & tournaments to players at every level. Whether your a beginner or a pro we have a program for you.

Team Training

We have 5 teams at ELEV8. Last year our Red team finished #4 in the country. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the best in basketball.

NBA Pre-Draft Training

Don’t miss your chance to train with the best in basketball skills development. Will you be ready?

Collegiate Training

We will work all season long on maintaining a players’ strengths and improving their weakness. Development has no offseason and through our comprehensive approach to improvement, the process of college recruiting takes shape.

Intense Coaching & Individualization

We focus on designing a training program that will take each athlete beyond their expectations for their own physical and mental on and off court performance.

Ganon Baker

Executive Director/Partner

Cody Toppert

High School Coach/Lead Trainer

Chad Myers

Head Coach

"I hired Ganon and he is one of the best trainers in the world, I love working out with him."

− AMAR’E STOUDEMIRE, Professional Basketball Player - NBA New York Knicks

"Ganon Baker is one of the best teachers of the game. I have never felt so comfortable dribbling and shooting the ball. I am a better player now because of the effort and work ethic he teaches with. It is contagious!"

− DEMYA WALKER, Professional Basketball Player

"Ganon Baker is exceptional; he studies the game; he relates to players of all ages; he motivates like no one else….being an NBA coach, I can honestly say that players at this level not only improve but they enjoy the process as well. If you have a chance to observe one of his clinics, one of his workouts, or actually be trained by him, you have to do it….you will absolutely be glad you did!!!"

− KEVIN EASTMAN, Boston Celtics Assistant Coach, Nike Skill Academy Director

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