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Athlete of the Month

Athlete of the Month

October's ELEV|8 AOTM is Eddie Grecz!
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ELEV|8 Lacrosse is designed to take every player’s game to the next level. Led by Tony Lowe, ELEV|8 Lacrosse offers a variety of training programs for lacrosse athletes at all levels of the game. Coach Lowe is a former standout Division I player at Lehigh University and with his proven system of player development built the largest lacrosse program in Southeast before joining forces with ELEV|8. “I believe in dedication to your sport and working hard for what you want to achieve. If you bring the desire to elevate your game, our proven player development system will take you to the next level,” Tony Lowe.

Coach Lowe is the Executive Director of Lacrosse for ELEV|8 and oversees the development and execution of all athlete training programs in lacrosse. He is not just sitting at a desk designing the programs; Coach Lowe is hands on with our athletes teaching them the finer points of the game he learned during his career. In his playing days coach Lowe led Division I Lacrosse in scoring in 2003 and was voted Athlete of the Year in 2002 and 2003. ELEV|8 Lacrosse takes a holistic approach to the development of each athlete. Whether you are participating in one of our Training Camps for one week or part of our full-time 9-month Academy, your game skills, mental understanding of the game, and athletic performance will be elevated.